Zipang Bus - Safe and Economical way to move!

aNYONE CAN USE charter bus! no worries!

New luxury mid-size salon bus certified in safety assessment is now available!

We offer our services from early morning to late at night for any occasions such as sports and club events, company events, photo shoot or airport travel.

We have Hino mid-size salon bus with the latest safety features and comfort
technology in our bus lineups now.  

In addition to the manufacturer's optional features, this salon bus includes Zipang's custom ordered elegant interior design and it gives you the high-quality service.

Zipang has also various charter bus lineups to meet our customers needs; minibus for small group travel and the newly added luxury mid-size salon bus.

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Tel : 0467-73-5488

FAX : 0467-73-1881

Charter bus is the way to move!

◆Charter Bus Usage

  • Pro Driver will take you to anywhere
  • Travel with only friends or work mate
  • Safe Isolated travel
  • Club sports events
  • Photo Shooting
  • Airport travel
  • Party in the car! Karaoke, Fridge, Music, DVD player available!
  • Golf competition? Plenty of room for Golf Clubs!
  • Pick up and Drop off at your wished location
  • With team of people, it is cheaper to move
  • University Travel
  • Business trip
  • Visiting companies 

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